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    Welcome to our website, Welcome to Comas Group.

  • Welcome to our website

    Welcome to Comas Group.

2021 is the year of the birth of the Comas Group, the company created in 1979, now becomes a larger family, through the purchase and merger of the historic manufacturer of aseptic machines TecnoTrend, and the establishment of a New.Co. the ARO-TEK that operates in the IT sector, from software development, Business Inteligence to the Contact Center.

From Tuscany, with the production site in Siena, to Emilia-Romagna, the Italian packaging valley with the site in Pianoro, to arrive with ARO-TEK at the three sites in Terni, Naples and Crotone.


One hundred people, all over Italy, working with great care, planning the present and the future, providing assistance to hundreds of companies all over the world, with the passion that has always distinguished us.


The Liquid Filling Company


Aseptic Powder Machines


The I.T. Network


Comas is an Italian Company established in 1979, in San Casciano Val di Pesa, close to Florence.

From its early days, Comas was specialized in manufacturing machines for filling liquids and capping the containers.

Today, after 40 years we moved the company in a new and bigger facility. Currently we have more than 1.200 machines installed in the world.
Our job is not only a job, it’s a passion.

Automatic powder dosing machines for pharmaceutical industry. Tecnotrend is worldwide renowned as skilled specialist for aseptic powder filling lines.

Tecnotrend applied vacuum/pressure dosing system without the disk, realizing a series of microdosing machines for injectable powders, purposely designed to work in sterile environments, called microPURA™ Ultra-Sterile™

Based on Customer’s needs and on powder features, Tecnotrend designs and constructs tailor-made machines to get the best and higher filling accuracy as well as the highest capacity. With a capillary analysis of the user requirement specifications, through a feasibility study up to the final validation, Tecnotrend shows to be the best partner for pharmaceutical industries.

Aro-Tek was born from the desire to create a competitive reality in the field of Information Technology services, with the aim of pursuing a differentiation of the traditional core business of Comas.

The idea of entering the IT services sector with Aro-Tek, aimed at the private sector, especially banks and insurance companies and softwares developement companies, as well as the public administration and pharmaceutical industry, immediately appealed to Comas’ corporate governance, also because on the basis of the important relationships established, the aim is to launch a commercial growth policy, also taking advantage of partnerships with important international and national brands.

Operational Headquarters:
Via Toscana, 22 – 53036 Poggibonsi (SI) – Italia
Ph: +39 0577 980248
Email: ilaria@comas-srl.it

P.IVA 01627720483
C.F. 01627720483

Operational Headquarters:
Via del Savena, 41- 40065 Pianoro (Bologna) Italy
Ph: +39 051 651 6120
Email: monica.bianchini@tecnotrend.com

P.IVA 01627720483
C.F. 01627720483

Operational Headquarters:
Via Dell’Ospedale 54 – 05100 Terni (TR) – Italy,
Ph: +39 0744 1940408
Email: info-terni@aro-tek.it

C.F. | P.IVA 06938080485

Comas Group is a trademark of: Comas Srl – Via Cigliano, 10 – 50026 – San Casciano V.d.P (FI) – Italia | FIRENZE FI017-28295 | REA FI-283449 | Capitale Sociale EURO 150.000,00